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Focus on Strength

Written by: Sally McRae, COROS Pro Athlete

04 Mar,2021

In a time where races seem sparse or non-existent, athletes are finding it more difficult to continue training in the same way they do when focusing on a race. Understandable, but it’s important to not lose sight of your training as a whole, because there is always something to improve.

Instead of focusing on a training cycle that culminates with a race, use this time to strengthen your weak areas and mobilize areas that are tight or locked up.

As a life-long student of sport and as a competitive athlete, I have found great success and stayed injury-free simply by making strength sessions as important as my running. For decades, there have been mixed messages about strength training; when to do it; how much, how often, etc. And while every athlete is different and different sports call for various protocols; there is no denying that strength training should be an important part of every athlete’s training program.

The following are suggestions and ideas as to how you can begin making strength training a consistent part of your week. If you can’t get to a gym or you do not have access to weights, no need to worry; I have suggestions for that too. At the very least, I suggest investing in some type of resistance band (typically these are easy to locate online.)

The following workouts can be programmed in the COROS App and synced to your COROS GPS watch, allowing you to automatically move between exercises.

Basic Strength Training Routine #1 (No equipment/Perform 3-4x a week)

Do 5 rounds of the following 5 exercises:

1. 60 second plank—-> Advance this plank by adding 20 donkey kicks while holding plank.
2. 20 push-ups——-> Choose to perform on your knees or full push-up position
3. 20 sumo squats—–> Advance this exercise by holding a kettlebell
4. 20 burpees———>Advance this exercise by doing a tuck-jump upon standing
5. 20 Bridges/Hip Raises——>Squeeze your glutes tightly for 2 seconds at each rep

Download workout to the COROS app.

Basic Strength Routine #2 (In a gym/With Equipment)

Do 5 rounds of the following 5 exercises:

1. 20x Walking lunges with dumbbells
2. 20x Side-steps with a resistance band wrapped just above knees
3. 20x Single-leg Deadlifts with dumbbells or bar
4. 20x Sumo squat to overhead press with dumbbells
5. 20x Single leg squat and reach

Download workout to the COROS app.

For more ideas on strength training routines, check out the COROS Verified Workouts page and challenge yourself to get STRONGER!